6 Shoe cleaning hacks for after a night out

Pharell Williams Hu Race Adidas by pat kwon
Pharell Williams Hu Race Adidas by pat kwon

Not knowing what a night out will bring, you won’t always know how your shoes will look in the morning. With these cleaning hacks you get them back in shape for the next party.

1. How to remove scuff marks on rubber soles

Rubber soles

Use a damp cloth dipped in warm water to remove surface stains. Next you’ll need a creamy bleach-based toothpaste to massage the stains off, using your fingertips. Afterwards, use a toothbrush to enhance witness by slowly brushing in circular motions.

2. How to clean scuff marks on patent leather

Patent leather

Begin removing the scuff marks with a soft cloth and shoe cream. If the marks don’t come off you can put some nail polish remover (with aceton) on a cotton pad and gently rub the stains off.

3. How to clean stains on leather

Leather shoes

Start with a soft cloth or brush to remove dirt, then mix some water with a little dish soap and dip a soft cloth in it, to wipe the exterior surfaces of the shoe. Wipe off the soap with a damp cloth an dry with a towel.

4. Ho to do I clean white sneakers

White sneakers

First of all, don’t ever put white sneakers in the washing machine. If you do have stains on them use gentle shampoo in combination with warm water on oil stains, vinigar for small stains and one part bleach and five parts water for other stains. White nail polish is great to cover up scratches.

5. how do I stop my shoes from smelling?

Smelly shoes

Dry teabags or baking soda (in a small bag) will absorb sweat and eliminate unpleasant odors. You can also spray the inside of your shoes with a combination of one part distilled white vinegar and one part water.

6. How to remove dirt on suede shoes?

Suede Shoes

Use a nail file to clean dirt off suede shoes. For scuff marks on suede shoes use a nail brush or white eraser. Never use water to clean suede!

Your shoes are ready for the next night out! Are you? 


  1. Brush out dirt. Make sure your shoes are dry, and use a suede cleaning brush to gently brush away dust or dirt. Brush in the same direction (don’t go back and forth) to lift dirt out and make your shoes appear newer.
    Remove scuff marks. Use a suede brush to vigorously brush scuffed areas back and forth.

    For scuffs that are too matted down to respond to the brush, try scraping the area with a knife to lift the nap.

    For stubborn marks in the suede, try rubbing the dirt out with a pencil eraser or a piece of crepe rubber (the crinkled rubber that many shoe soles are made from).

    Using a sponge to wipe excess water off the shoe.
    Remove water stains. Water can discolor affected suede. To solve this problem, wet the entire outside of the shoe by applying a light coat of water with a nail brush. Use a sponge or dry cloth to soak up excess water, and then let the shoes dry at least overnight. Be sure to insert a shoe tree into the shoe while it dries so that the shoe doesn’t shrink or lose its form. Once the shoes are dry, go over them lightly with a suede brush as in step

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