12 Types of Party People


12 types of people you’ll find at every party, concert, club or bar. Which one are you?

The Superstar

The Superstar

That person who thinks to know all the lyrics to every song in existence. Every night out turns into an audition for The Voice.

The Overly Drunk Person

The Crasher

It doesn’t matter where you go: a concert, club or bar, there is always that one person who crashes way too fast.

The Drunk Paparazzo

The drunk paparazzo

You’ll find this person roaming the party with a selfie stick in one hand and a power bank in the other. Just to make sure every single party moment is well-documented.

The Aggressive Shot Pusher

The Shot Pusher

That person who will only stop yelling after you’ve done your shot. Come on, it’s only one!

The Babysitter

The Babysitter

Being the babysitter amongst your drunk friends is like being a kindergarten teacher on a field trip. “Follow the group!” “Don’t touch that!” “DON’T DRINK THAT!”

The Person Who Only Smokes When They’re Drunk

The smoker

To a sober person, cigarettes are unhealthy and have a nasty smell. While a drunk person will have four cigarettes on hand and two more in their mouth.

The Professional Beer Pong Player

Beer Pong Player

To this one, beer pong is not just a game. It’s a lifestyle.

The Table Dancer

Table dancers

We all cringe a little when someone starts dancing on the table. Not in fear of their safety but rather ours.

The Crier

The crier

Tears will flow with this one, whether it’s because of a nasty fall (off the table perhaps) or for simply no reason at all.

The Playlist Hijacker

Playlist haijacker

The person who is the first one to connect to the speakers and the last one to take song requests.

The Freestyler

The Freestyler

The person that’s bringing sexy back with some good old fashion dance moves like the boogie woogie, the moonwalk and MC Hammer’s running man all during the same song.

Meet Loop’s Party Squad: Maarten and Dimitri, founders and freestyling duo. Ellen marketeer by day, wannabe Superstar by night.

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